Green Vitamin C Line

Introducing the New Green Vitamin Line, a fresh addition to the vitamin market, going beyond the conventional yellow vitamin concept.

A strong brightening effect and 2 in 1 function of skin soothing through a patented 14% pure vitamin C formulation and soothing green plant-based ingredients.

Green Vitamin Line, consisting of 4 SKU:
Vitamin Toner, Vitamin Ampoule, Vitamin Cream, and Vitamin Stick.

Watermelon Hydro Vital Line

Ultra moisturizing care from Watermelon extract
Powerfully moisturizes the skin that is dehydrated, thanks to its rich moisture content.
Triple hyaluronic acid to replenishes moisture to the skin and xylitol to sooth the skin.

7days Mask Line

Sold over 50million Sheets world wide
Global Bestseller!
7 Different Choice For each skin concern!
Simplify your daily care with just one mask, without complicated routine
The optimal blend of natural ingredients and high-efficacy components,
low-irritation, high-efficacy care

7Day Serum Line

Serum line that fit your skin concern
High content of active ingredients for dramatic care of whitening, soothing and anti-aging & High functional recipe serum.
3 SKU - Whitening, Soothing and Anti-aging